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PCOD/PCOS- a major health concern

Women are smart and alluring ir-respect of her shape, Colour, looks or size. But actual debate is that, do most of the women actually feel smart, confident and alluring about themselves?

Now  a days 1 among 5 women affected by pcod/pcos in india, but question arises what is pcod/pcos?

If women loss her patience, her confidence, instead show anger at her self, hates herself and is not at all willing to love herself in that way pcpd/pcos disorders generates among her and have adverse impact on her body.

In scientific term, pcod( polycystic ovarian disorder/pcos( polycystic ovarian syndrome) is hormonal condition in which women have small or sometimes large cysts on their ovaries which many of the time leads to imbalances among women body such as irregular periods, absence of periods, acne, infertility, diabetes, hair-loss, unwanted body hair, obesity and many more related health issues.

The way to treat and deal with itis very aggregate and holistic. There are many contraceptive drugs being used to treat pcod/pcos, even if the cysts are bigger in size, so they are cured by the surgery only. But these issues can be taken care of if ,’lifestyle and behavioural modification’ can be adapt by women suffering of this issue.

Lifestyle and behavioural modification include good health, healthy food, physical activity incorporation in their lifestyle and most important is a good and sound sleep. This can help women to improve their metabolic abnormalities and reduce thier blood sugar and insulin levels.

Here are the ways to achieve these symptoms:

  1. Balanced diet and nutrition:

First step to cure pcod/pcos is eating balanced diet which include eating seasonal, natural , local and fresh home-cooked meals which ensure the necessary required and essential nutrients should reach to the ovaries which help for nourishment.

Question arises how women change their eating pattern and habits, so answer is here:

  1. Eat wholesome meals
  2. Eating foods which are low in glycemic index (gi) and which maintain insulin balance, keep blood glucose steady and help to maintain metabolic rate.
  3. Carbohydrate which are less processed, choose to eat whole/ multigrain roti’s, prantha’s, dosa instead of using maida.
  4. Good protein intake will be most important part of the meal, so gi impact will fall down further. So add lentils, beans, pulses, curd, cottage cheese, lean chicken, fish, egg white in the diet.
  5. Fat is also essential component of a balanced diet to treat pcod/pcos. Include desi pure ghee, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, almond oil in meals and salads. More will be the good fat, slower will be carbohydrate digested and lower will be glycemic index (gi).

These meals are not only low in gi but it is a wholesome diet which include good carbohydrate, fibre rich grains, essential fat, pure lean protein and most important is required omega-3, calcium, minerals and vitamins in term of foods or supplements.

2. Physical activity:

Foremost thing to work on is to improve insulin resistance, so incorporation of exercise or physical activity is very much essential to say bye to pcod/pcos. Main exercise is “strength training”. Muscular strength workout improves insulin level in the body which is important to control hormonal vitality amongs women. It also allows blood sugar to get around body and it also help to burn the fat , burn more calories than within 1-2 days compared to cardio activity which help to control insulin level & leads to hormonal balance. This improves the problem of infertility & leads to regular and pain free menturation cycle. Most important yoga, meditation and breathing can also help to improve the insulin sensitivity, hence issue of pcod/pcos can be completely cured.

3. Better and sound sleep:

Better sleep leads to balance hormonal functioning. Not taking good sleep leads to imbalance hormones, thus leads to impair metabolic rate and effect the body insulin level. Body restrict the ‘stress hormone’ due to which insulin does not work properly leads to insulin resistance, thus leads to weight gain. So proper hours of sleeping is very much required to balance the hormones and for better metabolism. Women should sleep atleast 7-8 hours, which can bring harmony among their body and help to cure pcod/pcos.


So the bottom line is every suffering women should live healthy life and change thier pattern of eating, should incorporate exercise plus make sure to have better and regulated sleeping hours. Lastly all women are  beautiful and charming , they should treat themselves with patience and love, should have relaxed mind and appraise themselves for every work they do . This will transform thier life which help to cure pcod/pcos and leads healthy lifestyle.

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