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Browse our yoga poses for mental, physical and spiritual wellness. What I experience, I am sharing with you the poses of yoga performed by me. My relatives, friends and my personal clients also say that yoga asana with proper guidance and inhaling-exhaling techniques bring benefits and some of them had spiritual experiences. I will definitely recommend you to try these yoga poses with satvik meal plans. Share your experience with me. I am just a call away.

Downward Facing Dog Pose

  1. Come onto your fours. Form a table such that your back forms the tabletop and your hands and feet form the legs of the table
  2. As you breathe out to lift the hips up, straightening the knees and elbows, form an inverted V-shape with the body
  3. Hands are shoulder-width apart, feet are hip-width apart and parallel to each other. Toes point straight ahead
  4. Press your hands into the ground. Widen through the shoulder blades. Keep the neck lengthened by touching the ears to the inner arms.
  5. Hold the downward dog pose and take long deep breaths Look towards the navel
  6. Exhale. Bend the knees, return to table pose. Relax.

Head-to-Knee Forward Bend

  1. Sit down on the floor and spread your left leg straightly don’t bend your knees. You shouldn’t bend the spine and heel must be placed on the floor and the fingers must face upward.
  2. Fold your right leg inside; right leg’s heel should touch the left leg’s thigh.
  3. Folded right leg and stretched left leg will be looking like an English letter ‘L‘. Hold the left leg’s feet by the two hands lift your head. Then touch the left leg’s knee by the head. In this pose exhale the breath don’t inhale.
  4. Gradually inhale and lift your head. At that time your hands should hold the feet. Then bow your head and exhale. Likewise, make straight your right leg and fold your left leg. Then do the asana, exhale at the time of touching the knee and inhale while bringing your head upward.

Ardha Matsyendrasana

  1. Sit erect with your legs stretched out. Make sure that your feet are placed together and your spine is absolutely erect.
  2. Now, bend your left leg such that the heel of the left foot lies next to the right hip. You could also keep the left leg stretched out if you like.
  3. Then, place the right leg next to the left knee by taking it over the knee.
  4. Twist your waist, neck, and shoulders towards the right, and set your gaze over your right shoulder. Make sure your spine is erect.
  5. There are many ways you can place your arms to increase and decrease the stretch. But to do it simply, you can place the right hand behind you, and the left hand on the right knee.
  6. Hold the pose for a few seconds, about 30 to 60 as you breathe slowly, yet deeply.
  7. Exhale and release the right hand, and then the waist, chest, and finally the neck. Relax as you sit straight.
  8. Repeat the steps on the other side, and then exhale and come back to the front.

Pigeon Pose

  1. Begin on all fours.
  2. Extend your right leg up and back. Inhale.
  3. Bring your right knee in between your palms. Exhale.
  4. Slide your left foot back towards the end of the mat.
  5. Lift your chest and SMILE 🙂 .
  6. Slowly walk your right heel to your left.
  7. Stay in this pose and breath.
  8. If you can, lower your upper body and lean on your forearms or lay your forehead on your hands.
  9. To get out of this pose you can go back to all fours or through

Paschimot asana

  1. First of all, sit on the ground, stretching both the legs outward.
  2. Toes should remain together pointing forward.
  3. Now, Inhale, raise your arms and bend the body forward exhaling as far as possible.
  4. While bending forward, do exhaling.
  5. In the final stage, interlocked fingers should be beyond the toes and nose should touch the knees.
  6. Initially, do it for 5 seconds and gradually try to maintain the pose as long as you feel comfortable.
  7. Inhale and come to the original position.
  8. This is one round. Initially, do two rounds.
  9. As per your practice, you may increase the number of rounds as well as the duration of maintaining the pose.

Camel Pose

  1. Come to your knees, with your legs hip-width apart. Place your hands on your hips, with your thumbs on your sacrum, the bony plate at the base of your spine. Keep your hips over your knees and internally rotate your thighs, squeezing them toward each other.
  2. Inhale to engage your lower belly and reach your tailbone toward your knees, creating space between your lower vertebrae.
  3. On another inhalation, lift your sternum and draw your elbows toward each other, allowing your rib cage to expand.
  4. Keep your chest raised, your core engaged, your spine long, and your chin tucked as you drop your hands toward your heels.
  5. Press the heels of your hands into the heels of your feet while draping the fingers over the soles. Keep lifting through your sternum.
  6. Now lift your shoulders to allow the trapezius muscles between the shoulder blades to rise up and cushion your cervical spine. Gently lower the head and neck and gaze at the tip of your nose.
  7. To exit the posture, bring your chin back toward your chest and your hands to your hips with your thumbs on your sacrum. Engage your lower belly and use your hands to support your lower back as you come up slowly. 

Matsya Asana

  1. Lie flat on the back in the shava-asana.
  2. Keeping the buttocks on the floor, inhale and raise the head, shoulders, back and upper arms off the floor arching the back and raising the chest up. Tilt the head back and place the top of the head flat on the floor.
  3. Raise the elbows off the floor bring your hands up just below the chest and join them at the palms with the fingers pointing straight up (form the Anjali-mudra or salutation hand gesture). Hold for the duration of the inhale breath or breath gently through the nostrils to remain in the posture longer.
  4. Return to the shava-asana.

Hero Pose

  1. Begin by kneeling on the floor with inner knees together and your feet pointed directly behind you and away from your knees. Rest your buttocks on your calf muscles and straighten your spine.
  2. Exhale and spread your feet slightly wider than your hips to allow for your buttocks to rest comfortably on the floor. Firm your shoulder blades against your back and widen your collarbones to allow for your chest and lungs to expand.
  3. Rest the backs of your hands on your thighs and touch your thumb and index finger together, creating a small circle with your fingers.
  4. When first starting the Hero Pose, hold the pose for 30 seconds to one minute. Once you are comfortable, increase the time you stay in the pose up to five minutes.
  5. To come out of the pose, press your hands into the floor and lift your buttocks up until you can safely bring your feet under your body to stand.

Deep Lunge

  1. Begin with an exhalation, step your right foot forward between your hands.
  2. Bend your front knee to 90 degrees, aligning your knee directly over the heel of your front foot. Your feet should be hip-width apart with both feet facing forward, and your front shin should be perpendicular to the floor.
  3. Come on to the ball of your back foot, lifting your heel and drawing it forward so it aligns directly over your back toes.
  4. Lift your back leg strongly, drawing your knee and quadriceps up toward the ceiling. Straighten your back leg completely.
  5. With your back leg strong and active, gently draw your left hip forward as you press your right hip back, squaring your hips so they are parallel to the top edge of your mat.

Advance Pigeon Pose

  1. From Downward Facing Dog, bring the right leg up into a Down Dog Split.
  2. Bend your right knee and bring that leg forward as if you were going to step into a lunge.
  3. Instead of placing your foot down as you would for a lunge, bring your right knee to the floor on the outside of your right hand. The right shin may angle back towards the left hip or be more parallel to the front of your mat, depending on your flexibility.
  4. Release your left knee to your mat. Your left leg should be flat on the floor. Take a look backward and make sure that your left foot is pointing straight back.
  5. Square your hips towards the front of your mat.
  6. Take padding (a folded blanket works well) under the right side of your hip as necessary to make the pose more comfortable. If you are new to the pose, you can halt here.
  7. If you feel stable, bring your torso down into a forward bend over your right leg.
  8. Let the weight of your body rest on your right leg. Place your forehead on the floor.
  9. Continue squaring your hips and breathing into any tightness.
  10. Come back up, bringing your hands in line with your hips.
  11. To release, curl your left toes under and step back into a Downward Facing Dog.
  12. Repeat the pose on the other side.

Tree Pose

  1. First, stand properly and straightly, and place your feet together keep your knees completely straight.
  2. Keep your arms at the particular sides.
  3. Without twisting your left knee, lift up your right foot and hold the lower leg (ankle) from your right hand.
  4. Now fold your right leg at the knee joint.
  5. By using your both hands put the right heel on the left thigh as high as could be expected under the circumstances. Your toes indicating downwards.
  6. Your right heel ought to press within the thigh.
  7. Now try to balance yourself on the left leg.
  8. After that join your palms and fingers and place them to the side of your left leg.
  9. Also, join your palms and fingers and place them to the mid-section of your chest, at that point your fingers should indicating upwards like Namaskar pose or petition to God posture.
  10. Now breathe in and lift up your held hands gradually over your head.
  11. Try to stretch up yourself and stand straight along with keeping your balance.
  12. Look in straight and keep up this posture breathing ordinarily (Hold the position as long as you can).
  13. Breathe out and bring down your hands to the chest.
  14. Come back to the initial position.
  15. Repeat the pose with your other leg.
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