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The main focus behind Ms. Radhika (nutrition expert & weight management consultant) is to help every person to focus on their health & fitness and to achieve their nutrition and disease prevention goals. She truly believes in the fact that starving is not lead to weight loss, rather eating nutrition-packed foods will help to achieve fitness goals. She makes aware that people should not be compromised towards food and give them healthy, tasty, nutritive food to eat which help them to stay fit & motivated.

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Treated hundreds of people for obesity, Hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol), high blood sugar, PCOS, child obesity.


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Transform Yourself With Combination Of Personalised Diet Plans And Yoga To Achieve Your Health Goals.

We Plan Diets Based On The Availability Of Food, Likes, And Budget.

Our unique personalized diet programme is designed to help you lose weight and gain health. We believe in wellness and prevention.
Give your body detox to cleanse your body and reboot your health. Detox can help you to lose those extra kilos and make your skin glow.

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Looking for some weight loss motivation? Read these inspiring stories of our clients and join us today.

Get ready to share your journey and motivate million others.

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