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Daily nutrition’ required part of a healthy, balanced & fit lifestyle

Question arises what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat and people ends up by eating improper, imbalanced and unhealthy meals. Food plays a very crucial role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We get energy from the fuel which we are intaking inside. But eating right amount of nutrients is the main agenda. Body on daily basis required essential micro and macro nutrients, but large number of crowd indulge in junk eating and this improper and unhealthy food induction leads to obesity and over weight. This unhealthy eating habits not only increases the body weight but also adversely impact to the health of people and leads to many health complications such a heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, thyroid, pcod/pcos, nutrients deficiencies, acne, sinus, other co morbities isuues.

Nutrient deficiencies affect us in number of ways such as due to improper or imbalance diet , metabolic rate slows down, insulin resistance takes place, it breakdown the skin, loose the muscles leads to vulnerable disease ended with stress, dulness and lethargic. A balanced nutritional diet basically include seven main components which are the building blocks of healthy meals, including carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, finer and most important of all is water. These all components help to give energy but how much energy required by an individual depends on sex, height, weight, age,level of physical activities and daily routine, and if a person is not incorporating a healthy balance diet then he or she might suffers from nutrition deficiencies which have negative effects on their body leads to ill health

So there is ended to ensure that these nutrients deficiencies shouldn’t rise, but the question is how ?

So here is answer:

  1. One should require to have a proper portion of meals
  2. One should intake well-balanced meals at regular intervals of time.
  3. An appropriate amount of carbohydrates, good fat, and lean protein should be part of your meals.
  4. Track the food records in your diet, find the strong and weak points in your current diet.
  5. Eat whole grain and high finer foods. Keep records of whether you are eating it or not, if not add this food more to your diet.
  6. Water is a very essential part of digestion. Keep yourself hydrated. Recommended water intake is 4-5 litters/day.
  7. One should cut back on unhealthy and transfat, it includes high-fat dairy food, dark chicken or meat, fatty pork, and beef.
  8. One should read nutrition labels on foods before buy.
  9. Drink low calories beverages such as herbal tea or detox water to stay hydrated
  10. Most importantly, balanced nutrition goes parallel with good and regular exercise for your healthy lifestyle. As it will help to increase the metabolic rate, maintain insulin level in the body, and help to reduce the disease such as diabetes, hypertension, thyroid, pcod/pcos, etc.

Hence,these behaviour and lifestyle modifications can help people to loose and maintain weight, to cure the health problems and to lead successful healthy life.

So one should avoid fad diet plans, avoid taking pills as it does not provide good nutrition, rather nutrition comes from local and farm-based food. Only take vitamins and minerals supplements if prescribed by a doctor. People should not get mislead by different sources such as paid advertisements or endorsements. In short bring a little change in lifestyle, diet and incorporate exercise, this will help to live healthy and balanced tension-free life.

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